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April 17
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April 17
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Wait a minute. I have super-powers. I saved somebody’s life on Friday. "I am 911!”

Ms. Marvel #03
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April 17
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Walked into the house at 1 am with a drawing of Hannibal as Sweeney Todd, a phone number and a purple lubricated condom.

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April 17
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3x06 | 4x03

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April 16
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kuuuuuuurt replied to your post “All these amazing LGBTQ organizations were minutes away from me when I…”

moving back in with your parents might not be the best thing if you’re going to be transitioning though? like i want you near resources that can lead to the career you want but i dont want you to go back to how you were?

Oh no no no, moving back to the area does NOT mean moving back home, I’d get my own apartment, oh man. I can’t even imagine trying to live at home after I go on T, good lord.

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April 16
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