kuuuuuuurt replied to your post “Hooray for 10 cent thrift store books Boo for throwing all the…”

oh my nerdy god ten cent books??

Yeah! Most thrift stores I go to sell their books for 4 or 5 for a dollar, and these were half off :D

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August 29
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Hooray for 10 cent thrift store books

Boo for throwing all the paperback books into a giant bin so I can never see all of them, it takes forever to dig through and I leave with the anxiety that I left something amazing lying sad and crumpled at the bottom of the heap.


Photo credit: It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia wiki page

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August 29
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Nude Portraits series by photographer Trevor Christensen


I love this.

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August 29
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jen and erik??/ weird

Yeah! I don’t know if my therapist made a note to call me Erik on my file and they misunderstood? Don’t know how she thought we both had appointments at the same time with the same therapist though, XD

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August 28
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August 28
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it’s like you absorbed a twin in the womb and are permanently two people now…

I actually was born a twin! I didn’t absorb his body, maybe just his soooooul

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August 28
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Other things that happened today:
-Found a dead mouse in my apartment
-Bought a 1,100 page biography on Marlon Brando (I’ve seen one of his movies and have only a passing interest in him)
-Got a call from my therapist’s secretary reminding “Jen and Erik of their appointments next Tuesday.”

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August 28

15 Happy Things

Charlie tagged me in this, :D As usual, I’m not tagging anyone, but do it if you want to!

1. Used book stores (20 cents a book like whaaaaat)
2. A never ending supply of interesting and funny TV shows to watch
3. Finally figuring out what Sheltered was called and why I’ve been so confused about it (I put it in the Finished folder instead of the Ongoing one)
4. Odd
5. Closed windows and silence
6. I finally got a job interview (probably not the job, but hey first interview of my life!)
7. All of my tumblr friends, posting about themselves and what they like and talking to me, making my day better
8. Leopold and Loeb (because come on)
9. Eating healthily again (and by that I mean, not constantly binging or starving myself, ayyyy just being happy eating when I’m hungry but not overeating)
10. Getting things done and feeling an awesome sense of accomplishment
11. Going stealth after 3 months of T :O
12. There’s a friendly comic book store that has sales literally a couple blocks up the street
13. Being able to cut my own hair
14. Starting to look different to myself in the mirror
15. Me! I am a happy thing :D

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August 28
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